* P.R Relations Support

* Direct mailer and email marketing with follow up calls

* Promotional Products / gadgets and gizmos

* Print Items

* Business Event Coordinator

* Logo Design / Start up Business Package

* Website Design


* Television / Radio


* LEAP / Relocation Coordinator 

FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION BRANDING AND PROMOTING IS OUR BUSINESS. Welcome and please take a tour of all our firm has to offer. Our primary client, but not limited to, would be a start up company or a small business seeking to get to the next level of recognition.   Many of our clients are great at what they do but just don't have either the time, interest or knowledge to keeping up with technology.  To stay ahead of the game or even to maintain your business you need to utilize all that technology has to offer or you can get left behind, or shut down. That is where we come in.  Our job is to make your job more seamless with building your brand.  Our services include, but not limited to: Website Design, Logo, Print Products, Promotional Products, SEO and SEM optimization to Radio, Television. Every customer is our number one priority, and ever job is unique to its own specifications.  Allow Schevett Marketing Plus to give your company the attention it deserves 




Elevating your business to the next level or creating the one you never thought you could have.  Promotional products and items have the ability to be more powerful than a billboard.  Offering you recognition when you're not around.  Promotional Products are seen everywhere your not to keep your brand in the face of what could be your next customer.  Let's Put Your Name On It!

NOTE:  It's not always about the cost of your investment, but what that value of investment means to the future of your company.

It's time to catch up with our competitors and make ourselves visiable to the world.  We no longer are limited to door to door relations.  It's time we let the professionals show you how you can grow without a great deal of overhead to your company.


Thanks you for viewing this page and we hope to be of assistance to you or someone you can recommend in the near future.

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