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FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION BRANDING AND PROMOTING IS OUR BUSINESS. Welcome and please take a tour of all my firm has to offer. My ideal clients, but not limited to, would be a private, small and startup company seeking to get to the next level for exposure.   Many of our clients are great at what they do but just don't have either the time, interest or knowledge to keeping up with technology or best practices for the next level.  To stay ahead of the game or even to maintain your business, you need to utilize all that technology has to offer or you stand a chance of getting left behind. Or worse, some shut down! That is where we come in.  My job is to make your job more seamless with building your brand.  My services include, but not limited to: Website Design, Logo, Print Products, Promotional Products to brand your company identity, SEO and Customization. Every customer is my number one priority, I won't take on more than I can perfect.  Ever job is unique to its own specifications.  Allow Schevett Marketing Plus to give your company the attention it deserves 


Partnered with the best vendors to give you great savings


Free consult, consist of up to a 1 hour discovery about the needs of your company. Once that foundation has been established then my cost for strategies and marketing details to grow your business start at 75 hour. Which all cost from our counsultation will be reimbursed upon the start of service, or just invest in the consult itself to allow you to better strategize your own master plan.  Our job is to make your job easier. 

The Residual Effect of Branding Your Company with apparels and items and what that means to your business


Elevating your business to the next level or creating the one you never thought you could have.  Promotional products and items have the ability to be more powerful than a billboard.  Your brand is present even when you're not. 


Promotional Products and apparels are viewed daily in your absence. Keeping your brand in the face of prospective client's is a full time job.   Let's Put Your Name On It!


NOTE:  It's not always about the cost of your investment, but what that value of investment means to the future of your company.

To my startup companies

Which one are you? Are you the person (1) "who will do what you have to do until you get to where you need to go? " 

Or are you the person (2) "who will do the things you've never done to get the things you've never had?"


Well I want to speak to the person who will say the latter. Stop procrastination or someone else will steal your ideas, and you'll get left to say " I thought of that"! Which is no reward to you.


Take the 1st step to your dreams by giving me a call today and learn what it take's to get your dreams to come into  fruition.

It's time to catch up with our competitors and make ourselves visiable to the world.  We no longer are limited to door to door relations.  It's time we let the professionals show you how you can grow without a great deal of overhead to your company.


Thanks you for viewing this page and we hope to be of assistance to you or someone you can recommend in the near future.

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