Angela Gettis
Austin, TX


This company was established in 1997 - current.


As a small business owner myself, I recall the days of transition and determination to make it on my own and never go back to clocking in for anyone else’s dream. Won't deny that over the years I had to step down and get the traditional "job". My goal was to stay focus regardless knowing this was temporary. True enough that time has come and something snapped in me knowing I wasn't ever working for anyone else again.  Call it age, or wisdom. I was just done! Now my dream is to help make others dreams come true by spreading their wings.  There is no industry I've not been able to give either consultation or support in some way to take their business to the next level.  Although I specialize in working with private, small and start-up companies, I'm not limited to that. 


Hello Dreamers: Yes, now is the time. You know when your dreams are real when you can't seem to shake the thoughts of how you'll strategize your ideas.  It seems to keep you up at night, so you take notes. You talk about it to those you know understand you. Yes, that means now is your time, don't let that window of drive get away from you. The door of fear can play against your imagination and time will slip away. The one thing in life you can never retrieve. Allow Schevett Marketing Plus to help your transition to look as if you've always been out among the world of us freelancers, contractor.  I am able to walk you through a lot of steps with basics like Outlook program, when do you need a contract? Or can it be just an invoice? Needing all your paperwork lined up to effectively run your business. I'm here to walk you through it all, just give me a call today and let's take that first step to your legacy.


If you need your brand out there, I'm here to help make that dream possible.  




 My business core values of meditation  Colossians 3:23~25 ~ Luke 16:10

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