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What is “Customization"?  It starts with our discussion and discovery,   Allowing you to share what you've done and what you would like to see accomplished.  The direction is endless, so I'm all ears.  


Once I've gained an analysis on where you are, then I'll share some creative ideas you may not have considered. That's "Customization"


P.R & Appointment Setting


STAND OUT! When you know what you're doing is great, never hesitant to structure your business with the right people to help build your company.   Sadly enough too many will say "I'm not trying to grow beyond myself".  When the real concern can be, you don’t know if you can handle the responsibility of growth. 

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Full-Service Silent Auction support.  We gather all items from companies that best complement the need for your Silent Auction.  We do the whole set up and printing to give your Silent Auction the quality you want to present.  

For more information give us a call and tell us what you're working on. 



Please take note that our job is to service you efficiently and effectively to get your promotion started.  In order to do this, We need your support.  When making a decision to work with our team we do require that you have ideas that are in writing and or visual so we are all on the same page with the direction you want to go in. Any Invoice over 10,000.00 can be made into two payments.  All other payments must be made in full or unless otherwise agreed.




WEBSITE IDEAS: Go online and pull up images or websites you prefer, have some idea's we can work with you on to allow this process to move faster.  As much as we wish to be mind readers, unfortunately, it takes your doing a little research.  Our job is to take your ideas and bring them to life so I want to thank you for your engaging me with your support.  Schevett Marketing Plus to help you build your business.


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